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30 Rock - The Tuxedo begins - HQ

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All my sharks

I’m not embarrassed.

Goofy water balloons

Parg of my blern

"30 Rock was a show we all watched and discussed and admired publicly and envied privately. We will miss both loving and hating how funny it was."
— Co-creator/co-executive producer of Modern Family, Christopher Lloyd. (via everything30rock)

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1.03 // 7.11

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"I just wandered around 30 Rockefeller Plaza all night. I didn’t run into a single living soul, except one gigantic lesbian. Tell me… who is Conan O’Brien, and why is she so sad?"
— Bucky Bright, played by Tim Conway | 30 Rock | Subway Hero 2x12

We don’t have to prove it to you